Feet in the Grass

Hey, check out these cute flats I got – they have a print on them so they look like cork, and I couldn’t wait to show them off. Since it’s almost always sunny here in SoCal, I headed off to the park in my tight, striped dress (it shows off my hips and my cleavage) and those shoes – no socks. I get to flirt with you as I show off my feet in the new shoes, and my gorgeous nails as I untie one shoe and kick it off, then do a little toe curling, and look – my toenail polish matches my fingernails! Then I kick off the other shoe and stand on the pine needles and grass totally barefoot, bend over so you can look down my dress, and give you a little rear shot before showing off my bare feet with some toe scrunching and more. Do I have sexy toes or what? Click here to join and see me play with them!

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