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  • Foot Fun in the Hall

    Busty voluptuous BBW showing off her feet in heels and bare

    This was a fun session to shoot! I had a couple friends over, each with a camera, and I sat on the desk chair in the hall and we turned on music and just started shooting. I’m wearing one of my work dresses that show off my calves, and black pumps I wear at the office. Then I started letting my feet dance to the music… After a while, I kick off my shoes so I can show off my bare feet. You can see my pedicure left my soles smooth and my toenails polished and sexy. And I hit all kinds of poses so you can see my feet and legs from just about every angle, not to mention my cleavage. Enjoy – and if you want to see more, click to join my site!

  • My Sexy Bedroom Shoot

    My sexy foot boudoir shoot

    I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses here – it’s my favorite because it shows off all my curves to perfection, and lying on the bed gave me a chance to show off my legs (smooth, bare and shaved), as well as my feet in these sexy red high heels – and then bare! Half of the video was done with my camera on a tripod while we shot the pics, then the other half the camera is handheld and we got some screencaps, so you get the best of both. Click to watch the entire thing!